Tehnic Mold Trade SRL, agentul iMFLUX in Romania
Cell: 0722.58.77.62; Tel: 021.230.6051; FAX: 021.231.0586; contact@matritehightech.ro

The iMFLUX process is a breakthrough innovation in the way plastic parts are molded.
This low, constant pressure process delivers significant benefits over today’s conventional molded process regardless of part size, thickness, or material.
If you mold it today, we can mold it tomorrow on your existing presses and tooling, delivering you significant savings and quality, as well as opening the door to a world of future possibilities.

iMFLUX will improve the process of production:
  • will reduce scrap of over 85%
  • will reduce pressure with over 30%
  • will considerably increase speed of injection (faster injection cycles)
  • less need for operator work when conditions are changed (including a change in the material).
  • Saved profiles in every instrument - configured only once. No matter what the changes are in injection after, including material change - operator help will not be necessary.
    Imflux Romania

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